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James T. Kirk: “Worlds are conquered..Galaxies destroyed, but a woman is always a woman.”

Star Trek Season 1, Episode 6: Mudd’s Women

A casual letterpress exercise 

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Hypothetical Forest Fire Awareness Magazine Ads

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Magazine spreads for hypothetical magazine ‘f22’, a photography magazine.
Body copy is borrowed from an article from nature photographer Gloria Hopkins for educational purposes. All photography and typesetting by me.

For more from this project, please go to my ‘f22’ tag.

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 ”Where is this god, or what power hath he, or what hath he wrought that is a glorious deed?” Hárr made answer: “He lives throughout all ages and governs all his realm, and directs all things, great and high…”

I got an anonymous ask requesting that all of my golden age inspired nordic mythology illustrations be compiled into one post for sharing purposes. 
I sought to create an intimate, fairy-tale book atmosphere while drawing inspiration from the Golden Age of Illustration

The Golden Age of Illustration occured in the late 1800’s. It was marked by a quality in illustration for advertisements and books that has yet to repeat itself. Printmaking techniques such as lithography aided in the widespread distribution of these works. I drew inspiration from artists such as Arthur Rackham and John Bauer. Mythology was also often the subject of both of these artists and many other artists during this time.

The stories included in this are Brynhilde’s Hell Ride, The Murder of Balder, and the Abduction of Idunna.


I request that you do not remove this artist comment and only reblog from the source for these images that I have created. Thank you!

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…at the appointed time Loki lured Idunn out of Ásgard into a certain wood, saying that he had found such apples as would seem to her of great virtue, and prayed that she would have her apples with her and compare them with these. Then Thjazi the giant came there in his eagle’s plumage and took Idunn and flew away with her, off into Thrymheimr to his abode.

The third and final piece to add to my small body of work that is a celebration of Golden Age story book illustration (with norse mythology as my subject). This is the abduction if Idunn, the goddess whose apples suply all other gods with eternal youth. Like the Murder of Baldr, Loki did not directly kidnap Idunn (nor murder Baldr, technically) but I wanted to have him being direct again. He was greatly responsible for both events in the mythos.

All three pieces can be found here.

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Then Odin wreaked his wrath on me

With shields he encompassed
me in Skatalund
Red and white, their
rims o’erlapped; 
And bade my sleep be 
sundered by him 
Who naught would fear, 
nor be faint of heart; 

For my ongoing series of Norse mythology illustrations. The first was The Murder of Baldr, one of the first most moments in the history of the Norse gods that foretold their demise and Ragnarok. This is for Brynhilde, or Brunhilde, a mighty warrior who defied Othin, or Odin, the king of the gods. in deciding the battle between two mortal kings, favoring one over the other (who Odin had previously promised victory). As punishment, Odin made her mortal and cast her into a deep sleep, cursing her to marry whoever awoke her. Odin is marked by the black wings on his helm ( for he is also known as the raven god).

I wanted to illustrate Odin struggling the full weight and power of Brynhilde, even though she is now mortal. Her body turns, slipping from the grasp of the King of all gods. He appears disconcerted with his decision, but even in the original texts he never admits grief for the loss of one of his greatest warriors.

There will be one more in this series. Keep an eye out at my Norse mythology tag

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Digital Collage that Promotes and acts as an Informational poster for the Surrealist Art Movement

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